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People will always find something to talk about...So let's give 'em something to talk about.

If you believe you are living in the Matrix...don't complain about it, create your own Matrix here with VNewz.

Why complain if you are not willing to take action for your own family and community?

Create your own media outlet instead of complaining about things you cannot change. Don't be scared, shy or timid, let your colleagues, readers and listeners hear what you have to say or don't say anything at all...!

What do you think about the media today? Is it effective or useless? Why?

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Funny how time repeats we a year later and still on the grind...! I've come a long way with VNewz. It started out just a name, a way to create a buzz and at the same time pass on information that I have received from people looking for exposure for their services and products...I also would post link and copies of articles I have written in the past.

In 2010 I have joined forces with the Las Vegas Tribune to create an ultimate media source that extends to radio, newspapers and internet marketing. Something that we have perfected through making other people rich! Of coarse we all were screwed over at some point of our career but that's why we work so hard to do greater things!!!!

Thank you for joining and participating in VNewz...;)

Vanessa McConnell

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In The Social Network World ...You Get Out Of It What You Put Into It...My Advice To You Is...JUST DO IT...!!!



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