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Cop Fatally Shoots Sonya Massey For Holding A Pot Of Steaming Water… Then Falsely Claiming She “Came At Me With Boiling Water”… Pleading Not Guilty!

"Grayson, 30, drew his 9-millimeter on July 6 and threatened to shoot Massey in the face. Grayson "aggressively yelled" for Massey, who placed the 911 call, to put down a pot of boiling water before shooting her three times, one in the head. Grayson told his fellow deputy, so far unnamed and uncharged in the case, to not administer aid to Massey who would later die at HSHS St. John's Hospital. police investigation, including body camera footage, "did not support a finding" that Grayson was justified in his use of deadly force. Grayson also held a significant size difference compared to Massey, by more than one foot and double her weight. The discrepancy begged the question why he even needed a gun. " Social News | Posted by Thrillz

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