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World Star Hip Hop

15 Things Poor People Waste Money On!

This video tries to answer the following questions:
What do people waste money on
How are poor people spending money
How are rich people spending they money
What do poor people get wrong about money
What do poor people think about rich people
What do poor people think about money
Why do poor people stay poor
How do you end up poor
What are the differences between the poor and the rich
Why poor people will never get rich
What should a poor person do to get rich
Why do people say money is the root of all evil
Are you destined to be rich or poor
What don't poor people know about money that the rich do
What is the secret to getting rich
How do people get rich
How to escape poverty
Why do poor people say money doesn't grow on trees
Why do poor people say they don't do it for the money
How to tell if you're poor
What are the signs that you're poor
What are the signs that you're going to be rich
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