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1. Christian music has evolved tremendously over the years. What genre of music do you consider your music to fall under?

CHOYCE: "I consider myself a Gospel artist. The Gospel is defined as the truth. However my approach is unconventional in terms of delivery and sound. I usually like to stay away from the limitations that titles come with but my music normally breaks and stretches those stereotypes so I'm not fearful of them either."

HARMINI: "Christian music has truly evolved over the years. I am not ashamed to say that my music falls in the genre of "Christian Rap", "Gospel Rap", and or "Rap" music itself. Im proud to be a child of God and have the opportunity to serve my God with my giftings in music."

MEHLEK PFISHA:"My music is two dimensional. It is Evangelical & Testimonial Praise at its core, yet Hip Hop in its form of expression. I have to say Christian rap, because neither the goals nor the style take precedence. To say either simply Christian, or simply Hip-Hop are misleading at both extremes of their perceived spectrums".

2. What makes you and your music unique? How do you feel you stand out from who is being heard today?

CHOYCE: "Firstly, I produce everything I put out. I have the ability to create a soundscape for the message I'm trying to deliver from top to bottom. Being a producer my music reflects the vibe I'm in. Normally an artist has to stick to one sound or theme. Since I create the sound and direction I can drive the vision of a record down any lane I choose, be it rock, hip hop, rnb, pop etc. That freedom gives my music that organic mixture of different styles and diversity that other artist usually aren't able to without it sounding forced or unnatural."

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HARMINI: "What makes my music unique is that I am relentless when it comes to honoring God in both the quality of my projects and the messages thereof. God put it in my heart to set a new standard for Christian artists reach for when creating projects for the Kingdom. One of my goals has been to create content so professional that people across the world can't tell if my projects are movies or music videos. 2014 was the year God allowed me to set a new standard for Christian rap media. I was blessed when my projects made headlining news on both channel 8 and channel 11 CBS and ABC news and they publicly stated in there live reports that my upcoming "IF I GO AWAY" music video trailer "looked like a movie". I was blessed to hear such well known news reported say that openly to the world. My music stands out from what is being heard today because I am not afraid to create content out of the box. And I am not afraid to sacrifice to maintain quality and excellence in my projects. There are so many artists who settle for low quality music and media for their projects and it received little to no attention. I have made it my banner and life's anthem to do whatever it takes to honor God and my career by delivering content that is both out of the box and embossed with the presence of pure excellence. When you have people who don't even like rap music, buying your music... your doing something right. I smiled big when one person commented on my project after watching my music video trailer for "IF I GO AWAY" saying "This looks straight up like a Jay-Z music video!!". And another person had commented saying that the quality of excellence within my projects surpasses many people who are even more well known that I am at this time in my career. Although I am not one who likes to compare myself to others, I am a person who likes to challenge myself to be the best that I can be. Therefore, when I hear and see things like this taking place because of my projects, it blesses me to know that I am making an impact for Jesus at a level that honors Him in both quality and excellence.

Mehlek Pfisha

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MEHLEK PFISHA: "I feel my music is unique because i don't curse or glorify ANY kind of immorality. I stay positive and encouraging. Sure, in the Christian market, the ex-thug, ex-drug dealer, ex-jail bird turned saint may be turning into somewhat of a cliche', but to the people I encounter on a daily basis, I am uniquely different. My goal is to influence those around me and my life story is very real to them because they can see and touch me. When you go against the grain of as much as I do, you are GOING to stand out.

3. Who are your main influences as far as singers are concerned?

CHOYCE: "My influences as far as singers go, I'd have to say it's a variation. I've been influenced by great soul singers such as Donny Hathaway and Curtis Mayfield, great gospel singers like Fred Hammond and Marvin Sapp. Rock n Roll singers like Chad Kroeger of Nickelback and Sunny of P.O.D. even onto funk/soul singers such as Ronald Isley and many more. Like I said it's a big variation."

HARMINI: "My main influences as far as singers go are Boyz to Men, Tobymac, Kirk Franklin, Backstreet boys, N-Sync (especially Justin Timberlake), Michael Jackson, 116 Clique and Israel Houghton. Each of these artists have played a significant role in my style and mindset for music."

MEHLEK PFISHA: "Well, I am who I am today because of the lifestyle I have lived. I didn't start serving Christ until I was 25. To deny my secular influences would be not only a lie, but disrespectful to my testimony. So with that, my largest influences are Eminem, Jay-Z, Nas, Busta Rhymes, BONE and a lot more secular artists. Of course now I cannot stand to listen to the immoral influences they put out and cringe when I check to see how they currently influence today's culture, but they have shaped my artistic style. Upon sanctification, my influences became Da T.R.U.T.H, Lecrae & 116 Clique, Flame, then eventually Bizzle."

4. When you are not in the studio recording or performing live, what can a person find you doing?

CHOYCE: "If I'm not doing something music related, I'm probably watching a movie since I'm a huge movie buff. I'm good friends with my DVR as well. Spending quality time with my family or working out."

HARMINI: "When I am not in the studio or performing live I am spending time with my son! Going to movies, watching Veggie Tales, Playing the Wii, running the business of Harmini Productions, acting, modeling, producing future projects and networking with other people in the industry."

MEHLEK PFISHA: "My family is PRIMARY in my life, I love being with my family as much as possible and teaching my daughter. My day job is as a shipbuilder, but I LOVE working out, boxing, running, lifting weights, martial arts, etc.

5. What message do you try to portray when people listen to your music?

CHOYCE: "My main goal is to deliver a message of hope and perseverance. How God's love is for everyone and to not be ashamed of how good God's been to me. My Life experiences that I've grown from and my view of the world we live in. I'm finding slowly but surely I'm not the only one whose gone through what I've experienced. I want to share those stories and life from that point of view."

HARMINI: "The messages I want to portray when people listen to my music are messages that challenge the thought patterns of the mind. I want to make the importance of lifes choices come alive in a personal way to those who listen to my music. I want people to not only enjoy the passion, sincerity, quality and creativity of my music, but to also allow God to bless and inspire them them to live out the principles that are woven in the messages of my content so that that to can experience God in such a powerful and real way as I have all these years."

MEHLEK PFISHA: "REDEMPTION! No matter how far you gone astray or how long you've been rock bottom, God will aid you in redeeming your life. My life story is a perfect example. From facing 25 years for burglary to becoming the sole bread winner of my household with a degree and a couple mortgages, I'd say anybody can be redeemed.

6. In 5 words or less, describe your upcoming project?

CHOYCE: "Honest, Inspiring, Enjoyable, Relatable, Entertaining"

HARMINI: "Epic. Relevant. Game-Changer. Classic. Eye-Opening"

MEHLEK PFISHA: "Quality, Versatile, Trendy, Testimonial, Lyrical

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With a heart for the lost and those in the "Concrete Jungle" (streets) this artist turned his life around after facing 25 years for multiple charges including a concealed weapons charge. Mehlek Pfisha now shares his testimony through what he knows best... the art of Hip Hop. Even tho he grew up like "The Huxtables", it seemed the "concrete jungle" was a better fit and more exciting. However, thank God for praying parents. Even though he appeared on local mixtapes in his home state of Virginia as a secular artist, the call to use his flow was blessed to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Hence his upcoming album "Bless Da Flow" which comes from Isaiah 6:4-6.

The angel of the Lord decended upon Isaiah with tongs from the Throne of Heaven gripping a piece of enflamed coal and placed it on his lips. This signified the purification process that cleansed the soul of man and ordains him the blessing to speak the Word of God.

Mehlek Pfisha, in the same way, yearns to be that man, a modern day Isaiah that will speak the word of God and bless the ears of those that hear him.

The first track released off the "Bless da Flow" album, "Kingdom Barz" goes hard in declaring that he is ready to take his position in the Kingdom of Heaven and represent the Glory of the Lord. Nominated for a 2013 DMV Christian Music Award (male Holy Hip Hop) and Z180Radio/Real Word Record Hot 16 Contest Winner, "Kingdom Barz" made placement the 2013 Bet Hip Hop Awards Promo Cd.


Other tracks appearing on the upcoming album, "Destiny" pays homage to women of God and shows his love for a Godly woman. As a husband and father, he can definitely speak on this subject. "Dedicate it All" , "7 Cities", "Older Brother" and "On My Job" are just a few more tracks that will tell the listeners exactly how and why he changed his life.


"Bless da Flow" proves track after track to illuminate the word of God through detailed metaphors, wordplay, fiction and nonfiction allegories and a finely woven thread of Mehlek Pfisha's testimony carefully laced throughout the album.


Stay Tuned and be on the Look Out for this passionate artist who not only speaks about the change in his life, but seeks to lead others to the Life Changer... Jesus Christ!

3HP Couple "Taking the Ministry to Another Level"


Husband and wife Team, Troy and Shenee' (aka Nay) Edwards invite you to their new websites. With the high volume of calls, emails and Social Media Messages, 3HP CEO and President now have a way for you to request specific services, see prices and more detailed descriptions of each service. Also pay for services directly.

3HP is also offers services to not only Christian musicians/singers, but Pastors, Christian authors, Event Planners and any other person/group who has a Christian-based business.

Let this dynamic couple help you not only take your Ministry to the next level, but reach the masses... "by any means necessary"

Meet the Husband, Father and CEO


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Troy Edwards is an Music industry Mogul, Entrepreneur, Ministry/Industry Pace Setter, and Community Partner that is a leader among leaders. With a God given mission to build a Christian empire in Music and Entertainment, Mr. Troy Edwards aims to prove that Urban Gospel/ Holy Hip Hop can be utilized to positively inspire and restore morals and right living amongst youth of every community - globally.
As CEO of 3HP Records (2013 Rhythm of Gospel Music Awards & 2011 INFERNO AWARDS WINNER CHRISTIAN LABEL OF THE YEAR), He now has other Businesses and Services under the 3HP Umbrella including, 3HP Marketing and Promotions, DMV Christian Music Awards, 3HP Christian DJ and Mixtape Awards, Indiemogul, and Reverse The Curse Radio on over 24 stations (a high profile independent gospel showcase that provides former secular artists and independent artists a platform to share their ministries). With all this within his own Ministries, he still finds time to honor his commitment working for BET, GMA Dove Awards and the Soul Train Music Awards. These connections help aid him in getting Christian artists national exposure and also present the gospel via music to a secular market. His clients range from Indie Artists such Kebra Moore and Lil Prophet and Major Artists such as Earnest Pugh, Staci Lattisaw, J. Moss and the list goes on. He is often sought after to partner with other ministries, events, and businesses. Recently he also graced the cover of a secular magazine Overtime Hustlin but now is one of the writer's w/ wife Shenee to spotlight Christian artist to the secular world called The Future :Kingdom Impact , this husband and father is set to do exactly what God has called him to do..... Take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the masses, by any means necessary.

Introducing the Wife, Mother and President

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The Baltimore native started at a young age in Music ministry. From playing the piano/keyboard, leading Praise/Worship, apart of the Liturgical Dance Ministry, Shenee' (known as Nay) Edwards is still pushing to do more for the kingdom. Even at age 18, she wrote and directed her 1st Children's Christmas musical "David's Promise"

With experience in Music, Marketing, Public Relations and Event Planning for several churches in the Maryland, DC and Virginia areas, "Nay" continues to grow and is constantly thinking of new ways to spread the gospel to this generation. She began to truly branch out when the role of her former church placed her as Director of Special Events. From there, she started 2 Christian Event Planning Services (which is soon to relaunch). Known for helping and/or partnering with people from ground up in making their vision/dream a success, she is sought after by many. Not only for church oriented events, but to plan birthday parties, weddings, bridal showers, promotional parties and CD Release parties. She also refers singers/musicians for weddings, funerals and other life-changing events of life.

Even in all this, "Nay" served as the assistant to founder/CEO of 3HP Records, Troy Edwards. That role then lead her to become the VP of 3HP Nation (Outreach Ministry). However, seeing her drive and dedication has placed her in the position as President of 3HP and the DMV Christian Music Awards. Now an Editor/Writer of 3HP Chronicles, Co-Writer (alongside with husband, Troy Edwards) of 'Overtime Hustlin' Magazine', Event Hostess, Guest Psalmist, Wife and Mother is not taking her role in the Body of Christ lightly.

From The Couple

We would like to thank everyone for the support and love thus far. God is truly amazing! We are humbled at not only how he joined us together for such a time as this but the response and feedback of those around us. As a couple working in ministry together, we stand in awe at the marvelous things God is doing through us. We look forward to where God is taking us and meeting more people that share our hearts.... Reaching the Lost!


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