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ROCK THE PLANET Featuring Mikey Jay (Mike VarCity)

ROCK THE PLANET Featuring Mikey Jay (Mike VarCity) Is a Certifiably Timeless club and all around party Banger that will not only have the clubs goers up and out of their seats but the streets as well. Mikey Jay does some serious justice to this iconic masterpiece that was originally rapped over by The Zulu Nations Afrika Bambatta which was produced by legendary european group Kraftwerk. Incorporating today's dance crazes such as the DAB the MILLY ROCK and even the CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP from way back.  Mikey Jay gives a great visual of fusing all three dances and could not have selected a better track for the occasion. With additional vocals provided by west coast DJ and Radio pioneer DJ Thump the party will only get hyper. Mikey Jay even incorporates a bridge that is reminiscent of the legendary hip hop duo Black Sheeps bridge on THE CHOICE IS YOURS. Whomever said that hip hop was dead and could not be resuscitated will for sure rethink those words so now ladies and gentleman let's ROACK THE PLANET!!!!!!

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