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Stop Peer-on-Peer Domestic Violence!

1. Don't Watch It!

2. Don't Record It!

3. Don't Share It!

4. See Something, Say Something! 

This generation is obsessed with this new phase of domestic violence online.  When you hear the words domestic violence, you normally would think of a man and woman, husband and wife, boyfriend or girlfriend situation.  The share of domestic violence online is a peer on peer social issue.  This social issue is also a new form of domestic violence when you look, record, and share a fight video online.   

In our finding, when people entertain fight videos, they become a part of the problem.  When people record fight videos, post them online and share them throughout social media streams, they become a direct cause to the problem.  People also find themselves directly involved with the problem if they just stand around to watch and do nothing. 

When it comes to sports, the videos of boxing, mma, wrestling and other striking sports are all shared online through all social media streams.  There is a big difference between sports fight videos and street fight videos.  Sports is professional and happens in a controlled environment.  There are rules and regulations in place.  The fighters are trained and skilled.  There are referees and judges that ensure there’s no savagery. Anything goes with street fights.  It can happen anytime and anywhere.  It is not regulated and there is no-holds-barred.

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