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Depression...Hang In There...!


When your between a rock and a hard place...Always Choose The Rock!  ~ Pastor Parson (New Antioch Chistian Fellowship)


They say when you suffer from depression, everybody suffers with you...That's so true!  If you have kids they suffer the most...They depend on you to be strong and take care of them.  How can you do that when you can't take care of yourself...?


It's time to ask for help...;)  It will be there if you honestly seek it...




Don't Ask Don't Tell...What Does That Really Mean...???


What goes on behind closed doors is your business...Keep it there: Behind Closed Doors!  It's a shame that we have come to a time when we have to police people's conscious and pattern of behavior.  That should be automatic.  When you teach a child about relationships and sex you explain the importance of being private, discrete and how to keep it out of your public life....At least that's what I was tought.....Can't wait to read the full disclosure of the Behavior Clauses...:0



The Gov't is stepping in to Regulate Video Games...


I wonder if the reason behind the government stepping in to regulate video games have anything to do with the fact that the violent crime rate is down...I refuse to allow certain games in my house (i.e. grand theft auto)...I don't promote that type of simulation of life type of video games, especially those that are based around stealing, killing and death....but to each his own...!  So now the government is gonna get a pat on the back for stepping in and saying something out these video games that are distributed to minors...Only one question comes to mind...If the violent crime rates rises would the government back out again...???



New Internet Blocking Bill was passed TODAY...What does that mean for you...???


A new bill was passed today that will release a ban that stopps blocking applications and websites.  People don't see what the big deal is...fraudulent companies and internet hackers spend big dollars capitalizing on each and every computer and user that accesses the web.  Their biggest goal is to bring the world wide web to it's knees and demobilize the entire world considering that we live by the computer these days...So blocking these type of sites or applications were a sheer benefit to us as a computer user...who has the money to buy a new computer every few months cause we logged on to a site or download a application that has viruses and spywear attached to it...?  GTF outta here...The only way to protect yourself now is to have a hell of a virus protection program on your computer cause you Can't Stop It...It's A Free For All Now......Be careful it's a cruel cruel viral world out there....


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