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Like I have said time and time again. Just because you carry the initials "DJ" in front of your made up alias doesn't give you the right to be called a "DJ". The fact is you may get alot more gigs than I do but that doens't make you a better DJ than me or the next man. I prefer to put out quality rather than quantity. Most so called DJ's these days lack the love and are in it for the fame and notoriety. DJing is an art and should be treated like one with passion and art.

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I know of wayyyyy to many DJs who act like they don't know music let alone know how to blend. The art has a lot of posers now.
And you got some DJ's that attitude smells like shit so they think they are the shit....but really they are just BULL SHIT...!!  lol
Out of all the urban DJ's I ask to post links on Facebook, none of them send links but YOU Tech...!!!  That's how you know who's a real DJ and who's just playin...!  And DJ's like you will get better bookings cause your true to the game..!!!! 

LOL. @Dorne This is such a true statement my brother. There is a ART to it and sadly enough these wannabees just don't got it. I have been introduced to this game well over 25 years so I can really speak upon this topic on some real life shit. Forreal son. @Vnewz I do this out of the love and the support for the business. I see what you do from and have been seeing it for a minute. I love your aggressiveness and love for what you do. That love segues on to others like myself to better my craft. I am always looking to excel and the first rule of making this happen is to be humble. You are right some DJ's attitude and bad egos is what holds them down and they will then be linked up with promoters with the same vibe as theirs. But as I look at these cats getting all the DJ gigs I can't blame the "wannabees" totally. These promoters are something else to. They will settle for a DJ paying him X amount of dollars then spending that extra money for quality. Maybe that is why I don't get many gigs. Not that I charge alot of money but you will pay for my quality of work. Thats just keeping it so real. If And in response to your last sentence @Vnewz thank you very much for the compliment and hopefully I can land a sweet deal one day :-)


@Tech...people are being force fed junk artist all the way around. What has to happen is, people will have to expect and demand quality artist. Then support the venues and promoters that do@!
I agree with Dorne's last comment. We need to set a standard.  Even as an emcee I don't need anyone or a DJ to jump on the band wagon...sometimes refusing to play my music will help to develop me into a better artist....but that leads to another topic....who's developing artists these days????

No doubt Intell... 


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