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Men will do some strange things to get your attention or get a reaction out of you...!  I'm here to share my side of the game...:O will dangle things in your face to get you to ASK, BEG or BORROW from them...Like if you like hot baths, a glass of wine and facials....then he says one day:


I think I'm gonna go to the spa today....Hoping your gonna say Ooooo Can I Go?  When you never respond he never brings it up again until he dangles something else in your face that he might think you will want!


This part is for the MEN...Let me put you up on some game!  You need to decide if you want a Smart Girl or a Dumb Girl!  To make that decision you have to consider the two facts:


1. The Dumb Girl Will Ask You Can I Have, Can I Go or Something Like That...


2. The Smart Girl Is Gonna Congratulate You and Move on the Another Subject or Just Ignore Your from that point on...


Now ask yourself which kind of girl you really want...!!!  :O  If you play them games that most men do...your gonna find yourself wondering why you can NEVER find a Good Girl and keep getting stuck with the Bad Girls...

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