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Appeal to the real killer:you have witnessed an potentially innocent man be put to death, and if you are the second man on the scene come forward you have the power to help change this system and the power to stop other innocent men and women from being put to death and to show the rest of this country and the world just how flawed the system really is.If your out there step forward you know where the weapon which was never found is,you have details about the incident that no one else but you would know.It's been 22 years and it's time you came forward,even though Troy is gone justice can still be restored in this country if you can find it in your heart to come can call me anytime as my number is public here on facebook leave me a message i don't always answer calls i don't know,thank you,Minister Curtis Sheckles remember God still loves you and your sins have been forgiven.
Sept. 17: People in Georgia are protesting the scheduled execution of Troy Davis, who was convicted of killing a police officer in 1989. Davis' attorneys have long argued for his innocence and several witnesses have since changed their testimony that Davis is a killer.

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