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Minister Curtis Sheckles
It's open season brothers,we need to be careful about how and what we do, God have Mercy on the soul of Troy Davis.revenge is mines say's the lord.we all have someone who is incarcerated and perhaps innocent,this has gone on for 100 years or more.I challenge anyone to look up the stats your going to find there are far more blacks than whites who receive the death sentence this nothing new.there have been many cases when our officials have known a person to be innocent.How far did the supreme court investigate the recantations of these individuals,voice stress tests lie detector test,what did they re-interview these people ? what ? I'd like to know.It's time to wake up people why do you think they are always building new prisons but no new schools ? its time to get sober not high,educate and not promote illiteracy they have no respect for our president,what do you think they think of us.We cannot afford to be locked away,we cannot protect our women and children if we continue to by into this system,they want you to stay high,drunk...they want you to continue to beat your woman,abuse your children...wake up BLACK MEN,WAKE UP !!!

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