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It's funny to me. Now they gotta find another way to make that money for their pimps...! LMAO...!

I was devastated when I saw a hooker post an ad on Craiglist and charged $150 for sex. I didn't believe it until she got a phone call, got the address of her trick, left for about an hour and came back with $150 (Now we call her the $1.50 hoe). Needless to say when she walked in the door she handed all her money to a man. Now she thinks her man loves her because she gives him all her money (Laugh Now, Cry Later...!) She came up with a brilliant idea to go to a casino (Mandalay Bay) to sell her body, but got arrested. So she went back to Craigslist. I wonder what is she gonna do now? What corner will she stand on or streets will she walk down to get that man his money? What good is she to him without Craigslist? She can't become a stripper with a prostitution conviction in Las Vegas, or can she? She may have to go back to porn to keep her man happy. That's soooo sad. She's only 24 years old and has slept with more men in one month than I have in my whole life. I'm 36.

I am SO glad I never been a hoe, or afraid to get a REAL job. I'm a hustler so I can get money whenever I want and don't have to give all my money to a man. If you call yourself a real woman because you sell your body to keep a "good" man, you need psychological help...not Craigslist...! It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp and A Hoe...LOL...LMAO...I don't feel sorry for them hoes because I make money and don't have to lay on my back to get it...! You Go Craigslist...! Flag, Phish or Report That...!

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