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Power 105.1 FM Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne The God Assaulted in Tribecca. Thugs Caught the Assault on Video.

The Breakfast Club is the early show on Power 105.1 so Charlamagne has to be to work at the “butt crack’ of dawn.  Right about 5 AM a guy walk up to him and asks Charlamagne for a drop.

A drop is when a personality gives a show a shout out, for example

“This is Jay-Z and I start every morning with the Breakfast club”. 

So when Charlamagne is asked for a drop at 5 AM out on the street, his response is basically, not now.  He also appears irritated by the question, one: because it is 5 AM and he probably didn’t have his coffee yet and 2: not to mention the same person asked him for a drop previously.  The difference this time was the man was not alone.  He brought a few of his boys, one visibly holding a camera.  The plan was to give Charlamagne a beat down and then put it on the internet.

PAUSE = > Really?  I mean…Really.  Grown as men.  That is embarrassing.

During the morning show, Charlamagne naturally talked about the details of what went down,

 N-ggas try to jump me in front of the radio station this morning. Video cameras rolling and all. LMAO. Nice try. 5 on 1.

That wasn’t so smart to try to jump me this morning in the midst of all this so called beef. Who do you think they going to look at?

Waiting on this video of these 4 old heads trying to jump me in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, all you going to see is me hauling ass…..

Old Heads really tried to Worldstar me this morning tho. I had on Adidas shell toes you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t going to run out them sh-t

It comes with the territory tho especially in Hip Hop if you speak your mind people will react, sometimes it gets physical, that’s the game.

This sh-t ain’t wrestling, I mean it kind of is because n-ggas is pulling out cameras everywhere but it’s still real life.

As expected the video surfaced and you can see Charlamange pulling a B.W.R. He Bobbed, Weaved and then he Ran.  I don’t care who you are, you are not winning a 5 on 1.  You can actually see Charlamagne doing a quick count before he hit one too many and pulled a Jesse Owens.  Dude was O-U-T!

Go Here to Watch the Video

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