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Michael Alan Sheffield (born December 22 ,1980) also called '''Que Mussolini ’’ is an American rapper, producer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of the IUU Music Group.

Early life

Mussolini was born in Newark, New Jersey. Him and his two siblings were raised by his mother. From the childhood Mussolini has a passion for music and started playing in 1996. He was inspired from his cousin Mydee who taught him how to Rap and introduced him to the rap industry, which helped him to join the Double Eye, a local street gang and learned gangster rap. After completing his graduation he moved to Atlanta and started performing under the stage name Iceberg at the Culture Club and the Atrium'' on 'Moreland Ave'. In 1999, Mussolini moved to New Jersey and started a record label, Platinum Records.


Mussolini co-founded the Geek Gang Productions. He teamed up with DJ’s from around the world to create mix-tape volumes. His single,''50 In Da Blickey'' was successful in China and sold over 11,000 copies on the first day. Later Mussolini launched a clothing line “Geek Gang”, featured in his 'Diamonds In My Denim'' song which was mixed by five-time Grammy winner, Will Snyder.

Mussolini has performed live in Hong Kong, Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, Bronx and other cities. He founded a music group, IUU Music Group and also founded an internet radio, IUURadio.


 Diamonds in MY Denim
 If It Aint About The Money
 50 in DA Blickey

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