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Word from the street, a girl who was spotted out with Shawty Lo, was rumored to have herpes via some female haters!
Lo and the chick were spotted at the South Lake Mall yesterday. Here’s the story per the streets, and I’m speaking for all the straight man, because he was with one of the baddest females.

Much respect to the man, doing what he do best, However, there’s no saying that the chick actually looked like she had herpes.

Here’s the drop:

Some hater biaches…were talking ish about rapper Shawty Lo and the girl, but kept hovering around him trying to take pics and get an autograph. These chicks acted like a group of boot lickers. The “No looks, No money, No man chicks” was seen frontin in the mall with her girls looking like Thickie Minaj!

Like I said before, these were the same girls making sure to take a bunch of pictures of the man and the girl they were whispering on the low about. I’m sure that the haters posted the pic online. But trust me the girl was Stripper H-O-T!
Another hater in the group of said:

“So I just saw Shawty Lo walk in South Lake mall, someone must be broke shopping at South Lake LMFAO!”

This was one of the dumbest things I ever heard! What really PISSED off our source was that the girls were dissing him and talking ish, but they still wanted to get his autograph and a photo to post on their Instagram.

So pathetic!

Big up to the man, because not only did he bring excitement to the mall he also had a bad @ss chick with him and then dropped loads on cash – buying up the mall!

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