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what happened today...wuz

man, today this happened...

  • Marie Lüv…

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business proposal guide lines from wiki

Informally solicited business proposal

  1. A description of the seller's capabilities or products
  2. A discussion of key issues
  3. A description of the buyer's specifications and how they will be met
  4. The cost of the offering
  5. A schedule for delivery of the products or services
  6. Proof of prior experience i.e. Testimonials from previous customers, Descriptions of previous…

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info on processing...

5967 Adult

MCC code 5967 – This code applies to inbound teleservices merchant.   This code is used for most adult processing, as there is no specific  code that has been issued for pornographic transactions.

Merchant Sign-Up Global Billing Services

Start accepting payments as soon as possible through CCBill's online sign-up. Whether your business is located in the…


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issues issues issues

car broke down, printer cord missing, hateration amongs some... , solglad to be moving foward...

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Bantum fodder ....

found good group on fb talkin bout sometin real :)

  • Houston Uluv you should contact scoregroup..u would be great for them and theypay more than ali companies…

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the list...

started picking the ships, only going to be 100, got a list with 100 plus already.

got one modeled, you'll be able to guess what one when the early pics start coming out...,

official launch date is july 13th-14th, from exocita chicago2012!- the site will be vary limited as far as content go, but from there it will take off, as i would be able to use it as a marketing device.

still dont have the introductory clip ready or any clip at this point, its on the…


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platform testing

ok ok, testing out the scp layout, im using dreamweaver to create my pages, mostly constructing them in css, no java or sprites or anything added yet... (i believe they will be mandatory down the line- for like check sheets and ordering movies, etc...) but on browsers ... my google chrome looks good, safari,good,  firefox does not recognize my image holders, neither does samsung galaxy tablet, but the iphone…


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About YOUR time...

The Plan....
Create a successful entertainment brand...
Therefore, the creation of a successful entertainment production studio is necessary...
The production studio has been created already... if you take the time to read my post, you will know how:
#1 the production studio became successful
#2 the trails and tribulations of earning $100,000

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In The Social Network World ...You Get Out Of It What You Put Into It...My Advice To You Is...JUST DO IT...!!!



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What are the signs that you're going to be rich
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