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found good group on fb talkin bout sometin real :)

  • Houston Uluv you should contact scoregroup..u would be great for them and theypay more than ali companies do.
  • Houston Uluv although I warn u they love to do dp scenes... I took the Pr dick in the ass it was the smaller the white jewish boy was bigger so he got the also do magazines and u will get some centerfold work as well.. and some pov scenes...let me get the name of the girl she follows me on twitter..if ur interested..glad to hook u up..:-)
  • Carey Riley Hey baby thank u..I shot w them 2 mths ago and it was great!
  • Houston Uluv Did u work with Reality those dudes make u strip down for everyoe in there and amke u feel like crap until theday of shoot then everything is great ur a princess but that initial thing was a trip...
  • Houston Uluv 
    Bang Brothers are cool but they are low end and making mad money because of it ..dont do ur makeup and maybe they will give u a dufferent shirt to wear if they dontlike wht u have on.... I learn something from everyone I have shot with Big...See More
  • Carey Riley I shot w Levi and Milfhunter but that is it w Reality Kings. No Bangbros yet
  • Houston Uluv Yeah Levi was mad cool.....
  • Carey Riley We have gotten pretty good w web design
  • Harry Rivera hi carly i had to get off facebook for a while but i am back.... when will u be here
  • Carey Riley Here right now and in tampa tomorrow

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