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"Ooooooh!!! Now you KNOW you shouldn't be talkin' bout the Bishop like that"

First of all, he's not MY Bishop, and secondly, you doggone right I'm gonna speak on it.

You see, I've gone back and forth in the past day or so about whether or not to do this blog. Let's be clear, none of us have the right to judge any man for any act that they do. That's God's job,and just because I'm recently unemployed, doesn't mean that I can go doing God's job all willy-nilly. But let's get some $hit out in the open, shall we?

This man is Bishop Eddie Long. He is the pastor of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, a 'mega-church' (25,000 members) located in Lithonia, Georgia. Now, if you don't know who Bishop Long is, that's okay; alot of people don't. I know who he is because I'm a Christian. (For the record, there's going to be times where I say things that are going to make you question that previous statement, but trust and believe I know Christ. I love Jesus, so don't judge me) Now, back to Bishop Long. Recently, The Bishop has come under fire from some of his members and the media for his "alleged actions" with young children; some as young as 14. (The legal age of consent in Georgia is 16...unless it's your sister, then it's 12)

Here's the thing, according to Wikipedia One of the main focuses of Bishop Long was the anti-gay movement. Now, if you don't like gays, that's on you. I, for one, have no problem with them. But the Bishop is entitled to do and say whatever it is he wants..Unless he's going to be a hypocrite about it. Then, I get to be an asshole. Which is where I'm going it this, but I want to lay the groundwork and make all the facts known. The good Bishop isn't just some mealy mouthed pastor of your local church...Oh no... This man is well known both nationally, and internationally. He was hand selected, in 2006 to preside over the funeral of Coretta Scott-King, widow of civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. So hes kind of a big deal. Kinda....

Here's where it starts to get sticky...(no pun intended...well, maybe just a little one) Quoting Wikipedia,

"CNN has said "Long frequently denounces homosexual behavior." Long has ministered “homosexual cure” programs to recruit gays and lesbians for what he called “Sexual Re-orientation” conferences and his
church offers an ongoing “Out of the Wilderness” ministry to help convert homosexuals into heterosexuals. In 2004, Long led a march with Bernice King to the grave of her father, Martin Luther King, Jr. The march was a protest against same-sex marriage and in support of a national constitutional amendment to protect marriage "between one man and one woman." A 2007 article in the Southern Poverty Law Center's magazine called him "one of the most virulently homophobic black leaders in the religiously based anti-gay movement."

Okay, still there? Good... Here's the issue I have, you claim to be a man of God, (And remember, I'm not here to judge) But really?!? What qualifies Bishop Long to "re-orientate" anyone? If Bishop Long was the choir director, we wouldn't even be having this conversation; better yet, if he was Eddie "the bus driver" Long, no one would care; but when you use your influence and title to get over on little boys, that makes it wrong. Now, I don't have a heaven nor a hell to put you in, and like I said, that's God's job and as we both know, I'm not qualified to do that. But I will say this, there's a lot of lines about this topic that I'm just not going to cross, due to my faith (yes, I left a lot unturned) but I will say this, what's done in the dark will surely come to light. You had an obligation and you

seemingly blew it (no pun intended on that one, seriously) You're not Bobby Jones. (the BET gospel host, not the golfer)

If you want to have gay sex, knock yourself out. Suck all the dick you want to, but A. Do it to children, and B. Don't be a hypocrite about it.That's not a good look....Look at Bobby...Sitting there and cheesing and grinning..You know why he's happy? Cause he just ordered some man-meat that's gonna be stopping by later on. You know why America doesn't care? Because we've known that Bobby likes ass for YEARS...It's no secret. He doesn't have to "come out and tell us" because we already
damn know.I guess the point I'm trying to make is if you wanna be gay, be gay. But don't be a hypocrite about it, be the choir director.

Deuces. Real Talk.

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Comment by VNewz... on September 28, 2010 at 1:03pm
Well if you really look at "Tommy" long enough you will understand why he had "no comment"......your 100% correct Lionel.....!!!!!Couldn't have said it better myself....:)
Comment by Lionel on September 27, 2010 at 7:32pm
Thanks. You're gonna have yourself a correspondent here before too long. LOL

To answer your first question, If my son, brother, child, or friend still followed him after all the facts have surfaced (and I think that's a major sticking point) then, I'd have serious reservations about them and their decision making abilities...or lack thereof. You mentioned putting your trust in man, because man will deceive you, and you're absolutely right; not only is in in the Bible, but it's, for lack of a better term, the God's Honest Truth. Maybe that's why I don't 100% hardly anyone. Which is another topic for another time, but the truth remains that, in my opinion, Eddie Long is a crook. That much is certain and has been proven over time.

One of the things that upsets me the most is just how far his convincing smile and...well, fuggit, let's just call it what it is, his MONEY goes in the black media especially. This morning, Tom Joyner didn't want to discuss Eddie Long...Didn't want to go into his press conference or any of the allegations. What's wrong, Tommy???

Scared that the good Bishop ain't gonna buy 1000 of those bullshit "Fantastic Voyage Family Reunion" tickets? I know that in politics, the general idea is to defend and deflect. Eddie Long cancelled his pre-set interview with Tom Joyner on Thursday after a 4th person came forward and said that the Bishop allegedly sexually abused him. Can't defend or deflect critics if you don't show up, Eddie...It's ain't a good look, "brother."

Real Talk.
Comment by VNewz... on September 27, 2010 at 3:04pm
Thank you for you take on the issue....that's what VNewz is hear for....let me ask you an honest question. What would you say if this was your little brother, son or friend that he abused? To continue to follow this man because the good work outweigh the bad...? I'm not here to judge this man but that's whats wrong with folks today...Follow man and forget about doing their own homework. If I speak on a Catholic priest it's okay but because this is a black man of God it's wrong...BS....there are sooo many false prophets in the church it's insane. From what I have read and researched for myself....THIS MAN IS it's not up to me to judge him but I tell you what....AS AN AMERICAN...I'm gonna speak my opinion...What other do is their business but I do not condone this type behavior. If you put all your trust in this will get let that's in the bible......What just happened here? So many people put their trust and fortune into this man and got let down....SMDH...!!!!! Thanks for sharing your thought with me...:)
Comment by Lionel on September 27, 2010 at 1:57am
I held back on this one because I don't want to fly off the handle, say a bunch of shit I can't take back, die, get to heaven's pearly gates and see Bishop Long standing next to St. Peter talkin bout "That's him right there, the fat one that looks like Rerun from 'What's Happening' "


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